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Prediger,which offers the world’s most advanced high-tech psychological diagnosis is taking root as the standard for aptitude tests in all of the countries we have entered.

Prediger diagnostic tools

prediger card
Prediger card

In regards to Prediger cards, the junior cards are used for elementary to middle school students while the standard cards are used for high school students and adults.

A Prediger card is a card used for psychological aptitude tests. It is an innovative psychological diagnostic tool that provides in-depth insight through novel diagnostic methods.

A Prediger card stimulates both the consciousness and unconsciousness based on brain science. It is used for students’ aptitude tests, career education, career reading, and individual counseling.

A Prediger card is a verified psychological aptitude test. Only instructors that have gone through the qualification program can buy this and provide diagnosis and lectures.

prediger kit
Prediger kit

A Prediger kit is the world’s first aptitude test conducted with a sticker.

It is made up of an orally narrated children’s story and allows people to understand the principle of the aptitude tests by themselves.

This kind of diagnosis is useful to kindergarteners and elementary school students, and is presently being very well-received by middle and high school students.

Career aptitude board game [Alice@Prediger]

The career aptitude board game [Alice@Prediger] is the world’s best career aptitude board game. Based on a board that is composed of the ‘search inside yourself’ track as well as the ‘bucket list’ track, it is a game that enables communication with people and helps you to discover your aptitude.

This game is about 40 minutes long, and it can be played by up to six people. It will provide innovative methodology in regards to your career and aptitude.

prediger vr
Prediger VR

It is the first of its kind developed in the world. Aptitude tests that can be carried out with VR.

With a strong and interesting introduction, Prediger VR provides immersion and the visual pleasure of VR to its examinees. In addition, the middle of the diagnosis is shown through the VR screen which is completely different from any existing methods. Furthermore, the results are shown on the screen in the form of a panorama.

The reports of the results are sent to individual emails and the comprehensive information provided includes an individuals’ interests, aptitude, career recommendations, major recommendations, must read books and role models.

smart prediger app
Smart Prediger (Prediger Android App - Native methods)

Smart Prediger is a high-tech diagnostic application that uses an Android tablet such as the Galaxy Tab.

Smart Prediger is supplied in the form of “B to B” and “B to G.” It is supplied in the form of software to schools by consulting with the Ministry of Education, local governments and businesses.

Smart Prediger attains a diagnosis based on an intuitive action. Participants in organizations and schools diagnose themselves by using the cutting-edge device.

The results of the diagnosis are shown on the screen of the tab and can be used for lectures. In addition, information on an individual’s interests, aptitude, career recommendations, major recommendations, must read books and role models are comprehensively provided via emails that they can be used for schools and organizations in a variety of forms.

prediger global license
Prediger global license

The Prediger head offices in each country operate the qualification program award certificates to participants who have completed the qualification education within a certain period of time.

Prediger global provides information and methods on the qualification program. In each country, the demand and importance for aptitude tests and aptitude diagnosis are increasing day by day. The contents Prediger offers include Prediger cards that can lead the market for aptitude tests in each country through the Prediger qualification program.

The diagnostic tools of Prediger are composed as above. Prediger applications and VR are the first of humankind to apply the global cutting-edge IT technologies and are the global moral cultural heritage.

The existing paper and pencil tests and simple online tests can no longer draw the immersive qualities of the examinees. If the diagnosis itself is not an experience, it will simply be a onetime event.

Prediger diagnosis is fun. Prediger diagnosis offers new immersive techniques and enjoyment to the participants. Prediger diagnosis allows the participants to learn about the protocol by themselves so that they can apply it in real life.

This is Prediger, the world’s best aptitude test.