Thrilling aptitude tests performed with VR for the first time in humankind

Prediger VR Diagnosis

Free download
and VR diagnosis

<Oculus go> <Gear VR equipped smartphone> Please email me after pairing.

How to use Prediger VR

  • 1. Send code number by reply email
  • 2. Enter the code number on your smartphone
  • 3. Click on the app in Oculus after downloading

Prediger VR is cutting-edge diagnosis that tests for aptitude through the use of VR. It’s free to download which means that many people can use Prediger VR.

Prediger VR diagnosis is a new experience in itself.

Prediger VR is fun and provides high immersive techniques. You will experience a visual pleasure and feelings of a new dimension that only VR can provide. Future-oriented images and challenging stories provide unforgettable experiences to the examinees.

When the examinees of Prediger VR enter their emails, they can receive their detailed reports.

What type of person am I?
What do I like, and how do I work?
What should I major in, and what kind of job should I have?

You no longer have to experience that kind of boring aptitude test done with a paper and pencil.
Prediger VR lets you know of your aptitude in an enjoyable manner.