Thrilling aptitude tests performed with VR for the first time in humankind

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<Oculus go> <Gear VR equipped smartphone> Please email me after pairing.

How to use Prediger VR

  • 1. Send code number by reply email
  • 2. Enter the code number on your smartphone
  • 3. Click on the app in Oculus after downloading

What is Prediger VR?


PredigerVR is an aptitude test created by Prediger Co., Ltd.

We made it possible to take an aptitude test while experiencing virtual reality (VR).

The <result report> of the aptitude test will be sent as a notification message.

After diagnosis, depending on the diagnostic results derived,

You can experience VR Job World.

Diagnosis, results, and subsequent career education can be provided.


What is VRJob World and how is it structured?


VR Job-World was created by Prediger.

This is a job experience and education program using VR.

VR Job World makes selections based on the results of the <PredigerVR> aptitude test.

When you purchase <PredigerVR>, two programs are actually installed.

<PredigerVR>, which allows you to take an aptitude test

We also provide <VR Job World> for experience after diagnosis.

<VR Job-World> consists of 2D self-development, 3D interesting videos, and 360-degree videos.

 Each is structured according to the Prediger results.

<VR Job-World> is updated remotely from time to time.



What are the diagnosis times and details for Prediger VR?


PredigerVR diagnosis takes approximately 15 minutes.

VR Job World can be used for around 1 hour.

PredigerVR aptitude test method

1. Wear the device and tap <PredigerVR> on the first screen.

2. Enter your smartphone number on the start screen. (for result report)

3. Experience the storytelling in the introduction.

4. Perform <PredigerVR> diagnostics.

5. In the last part, the interpretation of the diagnosis is viewed in VR.

6. Receive your <result report> via notification message.

--> Click <VR Job World> based on the diagnosis results.

Experience <VR Job World>.


How do I purchase Prediger VR?


Prediger VR is software. So you need hardware.

The hardware that Predizer VR is equipped with is <Meta Quest 2> and <Meta Quest 3>.

If you purchase PredigerVR

<Meta Quest 2>, <Meta Quest 3> with software <PredigerVR> and <VR Job World>

We will install it and all the necessary accessories so you can use it right away after purchase.

You can use it right away after receiving it by courier.

It can be used permanently by an unlimited number of people and at no additional cost.

Inquiry) 82)2-406-1318 (Seoul, Korea)



How do I receive the result report and what does it contain?


PredigerVR's result reports are delivered in two ways.

1. The result report will be delivered to the email address of the test subject entered at the beginning. A 15-page <Results Report> and a certificate of completion of the diagnosis will be downloaded together.

2. PredigerVR homepage ( From the top menu of the site

    When you click on report inquiry, an input screen appears.

    If you search by email address here, the result report can be downloaded at any time.


In the <Result Report>, your interests, aptitudes, etc. are explained along with Frediser's theory.

In addition, detailed personal results such as department, occupation, etc. are included in the result report.

It has a total of 15 pages.


Is there an expiration date for PredigerVR?


<PredigerVR> diagnosis is usually recommended once every six months to a year.

Once you purchase PredigerVR, you can use it for an unlimited number of people at no additional cost.

<VR Job World>, which is completed after diagnosis, is updated frequently.

In <VR Job World>, you can experience various VR contents by selecting the diagnosis result.


What is the language of PredigerVR?


번역 결과

PredigerVR is It is in English, Chinese, and Korean. The homepage is also in English, Chinese, and Korean. The result report is also in English, Chinese, and Korean. If you purchase PredigerVR, you will receive all 3 country versions. The <VR Job World> program is also included and delivered.


Are there any advantages to diagnosing with VR?


PredigerVR is the world's first aptitude test in virtual reality (metaverse).

Existing aptitude tests were paper-and-pencil and grading, but PredigerVR makes the diagnosis itself an experience.

The experience of virtual reality and diagnostic interpretation in a concentrated situation will provide participants with immersion and insight.

<VR Job World>, which is conducted after diagnosis, is not a one-time diagnosis, but provides various insights depending on the patient's results.

It will provide immersion to participants.