Thrilling aptitude tests performed with VR for the first time in humankind

Prediger VR Diagnosis

Free download
and VR diagnosis

<Oculus go> <Gear VR equipped smartphone> Please email me after pairing.

How to use Prediger VR

  • 1. Send code number by reply email
  • 2. Enter the code number on your smartphone
  • 3. Click on the app in Oculus after downloading
The results of Prediger VR are provided in two different ways.
1. Panoramic visualization
Immediately after the VR diagnosis, an explanation is provided about the diagnosis of the protocol to examinees in the way of panoramic visualization. Through intuitive and easy explanations, the examinees are able to understand their diagnosis.
2. . The report of the results
The report of the results is sent via individual emails. Based on elegant designs, the report of the results faithfully explains about one’s “what” and “how” and comprehensively provides recommendations on your major and jobs. In addition, an explanation is provided regarding other types of the composition of the Prediger diagnosis with scientific theories.

The aptitude tests provide personal results. Your results will greatly help you when it comes to deciding your future.