Thrilling aptitude tests performed with VR for the first time in humankind

Prediger Diagnosis

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How to use Prediger VR

  • 1. Send code number by reply email
  • 2. Enter the code number on your smartphone
  • 3. Click on the app in Oculus after downloading

The theory of Prediger is
based on the functions and uses of the brain.

What does it mean when a person is interested in something?
Why do people differ in the ways in which they work and in their preferred working style?

We divide our interests and aptitude according to the different functions of the brain. Our brain maximizes revitalization for the things it likes. It is not revitalized for the things it does not like. We refer to things that we like as “what.”

People differ in the ways in which they work. Some people prefer to conduct research. Some people prefer sales related work. Some people like planning tasks. This is because the ways in which the synapses unite in our brains are different. Our brain looks for the most effective methods. At the same time, it tries to avoid causing harm. The brain approaches work in the ways that it is most confident. This is referred to as “how” in Prediger.

Prediger regards the structure of the aptitude test as the combination of “what” and “how.” These are the choices and connections and explain how synapses work related to jobs and tasks.

Our brain is the organ that has evolved the most since the Big Bang. The things that we like and the things that we can perform well are determined by the functions of the brain.