Thrilling aptitude tests performed with VR for the first time in humankind

Prediger Diagnosis

Free download
and VR diagnosis

<Oculus go> <Gear VR equipped smartphone> Please email me after pairing.

How to use Prediger VR

  • 1. Send code number by reply email
  • 2. Enter the code number on your smartphone
  • 3. Click on the app in Oculus after downloading

Prediger is not a paper and pencil test. It does not follow the form of an online test. Examinees are turning away from these types of tests. Diagnosis itself must be a new experience that also provides enjoyment. The type of diagnosis where individuals receive their results after tests will disappear.

주니어 프레디저 카드
Junior Prediger
Junior Prediger cards are used by elementary to high school students.
스탠다드 프레디저
Stand Prediger
Standard Prediger cards are used by high and college students and adults.
프레디저 키트
Prediger Kit
Prediger kits are used by children and elementary school students.

Prediger is not a paper and pencil test.
It provides diagnosis in a variety of ways and allows people to understand the protocols by themselves.