Thrilling aptitude tests performed with VR for the first time in humankind


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<Oculus go> <Gear VR equipped smartphone> Please email me after pairing.

How to use Prediger VR

  • 1. Send code number by reply email
  • 2. Enter the code number on your smartphone
  • 3. Click on the app in Oculus after downloading

Prediger is venturing into the world..

Prediger gives the rights indicated below through contracts for each country.

Issue an officially proved Prediger license
Exclusive supply of Prediger’s products
Operating rights of Prediger’s brands
Each country’s business rights in accordance with the Prediger diagnosis

A Prediger card is the most basic item of Prediger along with Prediger’s instructor program. As a diagnostic tool that is easy to access and offers excellent immersive techniques, it provides depths and insight with simple diagnostic methods such as card games.

A Prediger application is an extremely powerful product when it comes to all environments such as B to G, B to B and B to C. It can be used in a variety of ways.

Prediger VR is an aptitude test, the first of its kind in humanity which will completely change the existing market landscape of psychological tests.

We invite the overseas partners of Prediger who will join us in the market of aptitude tests in each country.

Countries China, U.S., India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines

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