Thrilling aptitude tests performed with VR for the first time in humankind

Prediger Diagnosis

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How to use Prediger VR

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The frame of the Prediger aptitude tests divides the approaches to how examinees carry out work into “what” and “how.” The existing diagnosis unclearly categorized them into types. However, Prediger is clear in diving them and reorganizes them as the methods of choices and connections.

The unconsciousness is composed of the structure of languages. The structure of languages consists of a subject and a verb. This also means choices and connections. The choice is called “what,” and the connection is called “how.”

“What” represents interests.
Interest is the field where our brain is being revitalized. In the same way the sunflowers follow the sun, our brain only keeps an eye on the things it is interested in. Focalization and revitalization indicate how we put our energy into those things.
“How” represents aptitude.
Prediger does not divide the things that people perform well individually. It expresses a system of what individuals possess by figuring out the things that they perform well collectively. In other words, it does not consider that individuals are good at particular things. It considers that individuals display a consistency in the way in which they conduct work inside. In turn, “how” is the combination of the things that people do well and is the connection of the synapses of individual’s work.

Prediger diagnosis categorizes and explains “what” and “how” based on brain science and provides insight by uniting them.